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WordPress: the plug-in to enrich your podcasts

WordPress: the plug-in to enrich your podcasts

By daniele

The plugin “Seriously Simple Podcasting” is ideal for those who want to advertise their podcasts on WordPress, seeking more success and visibility. It’s free and allows you to create a custom post automatically every time, making it much more easy to upload tracks, assigning metadata and managing podcasts files in one place, that in fact is your site hosted on WordPress. An undisputed benefit is that a plug-in can support both audio and video podcasts. Other benefits? It’s compatible with other extensions, including the one that allows you to analyze your podcast usage statistics, with all the numbers of the spectators and the general trend.To start using it you will need to add this plugin to your WordPress site. Going to Plugin and then on Add New, you have to search for “Seriously Simple Podcasting”. Click Install Now and then click Activate to start the download. Once installed, the Podcast menu item will be added to the sidebar in the WordPress dashboard. If you intend to group your podcast episodes by series, then you will need to create the series category to best organize each part. Just go to Podcast and click on Series. Fill out all the fields to give the first series a name (e.g. Series 1 or Series Basketball) and, if you want, a description (if you are in doubt, know that it is better to do it to make info more accessible). Next click on Add New Series. Now your first series is already online.At this point if you want to continue, just have to go ahead and create another series (or more) if you have multiple podcasts ready to load with all the episodes.Instead, if you simply need to add your own podcast episodes to the site, follow these simple steps. Go to Podcast and click on Add New, just like you would do with a new blog post. Now you have to give a title to your episode that could be for example “The first time I saw LeBron James play”. If you think it’s appropriate, you can add a description to help the users understand what they will understand or see. You can also just transcribe the beginning of the episode if you are a little bit lazy also with any relevant and SEO-optimized tags.



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