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The Shopify Subscription Plans

The Shopify Subscription Plans

By francesco

Shopify has established itself as the most successful platform for website creation, with a particular focus on the e-commerce world. In the last three years, the company’s turnover has grown 10 times compared to the starting point, with now more than 200,000 online stores supported by the CMS. There are three main factors that have made Shopify famous:

  • ease of use even for less experienced users;
  • the speed of development and customization of the shop;
  • the different subscription plans designed to adapt to companies and companies of all shapes and sizes.

In particular to the third point are still related many questions of those who decide to enter the world of online sales. People often wonder what the perfect plan is for their needs and goals. What better way to respond than to compare in more detail the plans proposed by Shopify.Β 

The Basic Plan

The Canadian-based platform offers a $29 monthly plan called Basic Shopify. Despite the reduced price, to which must be added a commission of 1.9% and 0.25€ for each transaction, it is a real complete ecommerce service. You certainly can’t expect all the functionality of the platform at this price, but it’s definitely a good way to get started and test the terrain. Thanks to this plan it is possible to verify how much our product is searched, how much the price is palatable and what kind of traffic and interest involves online. Everything made possible by the instruments, which we can define as essential, that the plan makes available, including:

– personalized e-commerce with an unlimited number of articles, in addition to the management of orders and 360% customers;

– a blog functional to the content of the site, in order to increase the content of our site also for SEO and advertising purposes;

– the SSL certificate to ensure the security of transactions and navigation;

– opening up sales on the most important social channels and marketplaces;

– the possibility of manually placing orders and independently managing the warehouse;

– 2 administrative accounts for backend operation;

– technical support to the 24/7 platform on different communication channels;

The Shopify plan

Compared to the Basic plan, the Shopify plan has a higher monthly price of 79$ per month, with a commission of 1.8% and 0.25€ for each sale. It also offers several additional features for those who want to structure their ecommerce in a more organized way, with a special focus on digital marketing. In addition to the features already included in Basic, the Shopify plan, recommended by the company, also adds:Β 

– multilingual site management (up to two languages);

– reporting functionality on movements within ecommerce;

– automated notification service for abandoned trucks;

– creation of vouchers and gift cards;

– 5 administrator accounts for shared management of the shop.

The Advanced Shopify plan

As we advance with the plans obviously also increase the functionality offered and the price to pay. In this case the monthly amount is 299$, always with a commission, even if reduced, of 1.6% and 0.25€ for each transaction. Even the tools available are much more numerous and integrate shipping services, payment methods, conversion and much more. Administrator accounts reach up to 15 users, a plan therefore recommended for large companies or with multiple locations.

The Shopify Plus plan

The latest solution offered by the platform is also the most complete available. The price reaches 2000$ monthly with a commission that in this case reaches 2.15%, without a fixed cost per transaction. The Shopify Plus option still provides a confidential negotiation with Shopify for customized rates based on specific features and business needs. The price is connected to the requests but is still more suitable for companies of great importance and with a large number of customers.



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