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The best free online HTML editor

The best free online HTML editor

By francesco

When you need to write code for any purpose, it is always recommended to turn to an HTML editor. While it is true that the operation can also be carried out simply through simple text editors such as the notepad, using a tool specially created for the occasion can only bring benefits. The HTML editors are in fact designed to provide support to the programmer that thanks to this service will receive immediate advice and help, as well as add brackets and useful tags for a more neat and accurate result. Most editors therefore offer a series of β€œshortcuts”, we see for example the highlighting with colors, which do nothing but make the work shorter, as well as the subsequent revision or a hypothetical update over time. We are now talking about essential tools if we consider the quantity of sites and apps on the web; an aspect that consequently has led to the birth of many services of this kind in continuous struggle to offer the best user experience on the market.

Requirements for choosing the best HTML editor

Before we can move on to the analysis of what for us is one of the most complete editors on the market, it is useful to go and analyze the minimum features that should be able to offer an HTML code editor. Among these we find:

  • options for the automatic completion of the code that saves time in writing;
  • possibility of adding libraries from which you can pick up and copy code already used;
  • support for other common programming languages such as CSS or JavaScript;
  • ability to display the output result on a shared screen code so that you can immediately see how the page will look;
  • search and replace function that allows you to quickly find the piece of code concerned by keyword or through the website;
  • highlight syntax or display errors automatically detected by the provider.

Then there are optional aspects to consider, linked exclusively to your needs or the objectives of the project. There are in fact editors that are completely online and that allow a use on the browser without download or configuration on the PC. As well as you can find free solutions that turn out to be optimal for small or medium-sized projects, while for those who need more advanced features there is a need to spend some extra money.

Jsfiddle – the best option

Jsfiddle is a text editor that you can work on even only online. Overall it is able to support both HTML and CSS or JavaScript code, with support for frameworks. Its great potential lies, in addition to being free, in allowing you to select different versions or types of languages. For example, in the HTML panel you can select the document type from different options such as HTML 5, XHTML 1.0 Strict, HTML 4.01 Transitional etc. It also comes with the option to import your own library in a very intuitive way, as after all it is the whole service offered by the site. Being offered for free does not have several advanced features and often the work could be interrupted by advertisements that you usually expect in these circumstances.



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