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Shopify: all the pros

Shopify: all the pros

By daniele

When it comes to selling each strategy it involves pros and cons, risks and benefits. Shopify has made its way by joining offline and online and meeting the needs of all sellers, experienced and novice. How? It offers facilitations and tools to manage all aspects related to sales. The first great pro is therefore the back end of your Shopify store, because it is there that you will find a whole range of features to understand where your business stays. You can view the number of orders, find in a flash the best performing product pages, and you can monitor in real time what your website visitors are doing. One undisputed point in favor of this platform is that it has a plan for each pocket and offers many free features. If youโ€™re building a new website, youโ€™ll probably have to pay for a theme (the design/look of your website and functions) but not on Shopify where a free theme loads automatically (but you can replace it with one you prefer). You can customize your website to fit your branding style, such as choosing free fonts or changing the color scheme, or adding your own photos or more. Another advantage is that a Shopify store is located on a cloud network instead of a server. Anyone who has ever used a server knows that it crashes in the worst moments, making you lose a lot of money and opportunity because of inactivity. This is how those who share a server have to hope that other sites are not so popular. Being Shopify on a cloud network, the chances of your website being inactive are really rare, allowing you to manage your business with ease and success. Plus this cost is included in your subscription, which translates as one less thing to worry about.



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