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Shopify: all the cons

Shopify: all the cons

By daniele

Shopify is a truly comprehensive tool for an online retailer. The basis of its success is that it allows its users to monitor and manage online business with ease. It has countless pros ranging from affordable pricing plans to effective and often free tools. Like all things, however, Shopify has some flaws, we see some cons of using this platform. First of all, like everything on the web, if you donโ€™t have the basics to tinker with platforms is not so intuitive, although it remains much more understandable than others. This point connects to the next one that we can call โ€œthe learning curve problemโ€. Once youโ€™ve created a Shopify store, what youโ€™ve set up is a business, not a passive income stream, and starting a business isnโ€™t quite like drinking a glass of water.ย  So itโ€™s not for everyone. Understanding how to use Shopify and build a profitable store takes months of experimentation. Months that not everyone can afford. For example, it may take time to know where each section of your store is located. We can assure you, though, that for most users, Shopify is pretty intuitive, just a bit of practice. Shopify, it goes without saying, alone does not guarantee your success. The platform offers many features that are valuable for those who want to venture into the world of online sales. Features that simplify the management of a store dematerialized compared to creating something customized but totally from scratch. The problem is that it is the dealer who must treasure the tools and succeed in creating a successful business. An online store, especially if there is no physical counterpart, must have the right marketing strategy to not succumb to the ruthless logic of the web.



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