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Pro tips for your WordPress blog

Pro tips for your WordPress blog

By daniele

Administering a blog is a “mixed blessing”. Unlike what you can imagine it is not enough to know how to write well, or use keywords, to position your WordPress site at the top. Instead, we need small tricks that even novices should know. Let’s start from the basics, once you have written the post, or during if you prefer, you will have to systematically add internal links to the blog and that refer to other sites. It is really important to reconnect the blog post to the other contents of your website. By linking it instead to related resources or other blogs, you can offer a more complete user experience. A call to action (CTA) can be placed in the middle and/or at the end of the blog post. The CTA is used to direct readers to other points on the website, such as a link or an image/banner. This leads the reader to discover another resource, such as the possibility to ask for a quote or to try products with a discount.  For the series also the eye wants its part, it is good to include an image as cover and any other photos to break the text and make it more enjoyable to read. You can find free photos on Adobe Stock and Getty Images or royalty-free images via Google Images. Follow the mantra “WRITE, CORRECT AND FORMAT”.  A blog that demonstrates poor attention to typos and grammatical errors will not be taken seriously. Be sure to always correct your posts, avoid spelling mistakes and change the structure of sentences before publication if you think you have been verbose and confusing.

Tip: Before reviewing your content, you should take a break and rest your brain. When you are very focused often you are not able to see all the errors at once.



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