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Length of a blog post

Length of a blog post

By daniele

One of the most frequently asked questions of blog owners, or for anyone who writes online, is in many cases the following: How long should blog posts be to have a good SEO?

This is not a trivial question but it is difficult to give an answer that is good for everyone, for each reference sector and network channel. This is because you have to evaluate several aspects related to the blog before making a truly correct and effective decision. According to some, the longer the posts the better, but it is not always so, even if, surely,Β  they should have a minimum length. But, what is the reference digit in general? The absolute minimum is 300 words. Otherwise Google bots will ignore you and the entire site connected to the article, considering them unreliable and unprofessional . Being more verbose brings other benefits: more text means more possibilities to include your target keywords, and so your target audience. Spreading keywords over 1,000 words instead of 200 will make your content more efficient but always enjoyable to read. But length isn’t just about SEO benefits: shorter posts end up not having that extra quid, those details that can help you build a reputation in your industry or sector. Your customers should visit your blog often and find so much information, they should fall into a loop of article after article, so much so that they can not stop reading. Your content marketing strategy should try to combine quality and quantity. Spilling nonsense will still alienate the reader, moreover, too little of one or both will leave your blog posts painfully unbalanced. The length of a blog post also depends on the topic you are dealing with and your audience.It is also important to specify that the length of the posts also depends on your marketing goals, if exclusively informative or targeted to the sale of a product . Some topics require more in-depth study and some target audiences prefer to read short but hard-packed posts instead of long papyri with more than 1000 words. Everything varies according to your strategy: the important thing is to always have in mind that everything depends on the quality of the writing; also in this case the quality beats the quantity.Β 

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