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In which case do you need to use AMP HTML ads on Google Ads?

In which case do you need to use AMP HTML ads on Google Ads?

By francesco

Since Google launched the new AMP system optimized for mobile users, new features and languages have been implemented to adapt to the environment. These include HTML AMP ads, which are ads designed to be faster loading and safer for users. While AMP pages also support traditional HTML ads, these ads can slow things down by dropping page rankings. In order to optimize the AMP page, you can build ads in HTML AMP that meet the speed standards imposed by Google. Ads that are placed online only after being validated, after verifying that each content is safe and performing. This does not take away the possibility of being able to insert this type of ads on pages and sites not optimized for AMP since the pros in their use are quite numerous.

Advantages of using HTML AMP ads

The new HTML AMP ads stand out in being composed of an AMP+CSS HTML code that completely eliminates those content in JavaScript, which are traditionally the number one cause of poor advertising performance. All with the aim of increasing the results of advertising campaigns knowing you can count on a type of ad:

  • Faster: AMP HTML ads are faster because they are requested earlier in the page rendering process and displayed immediately before the user is about to click the ad. The reduced size of the ad file also increases speed.
  • Lighter: HTML AMP ads have small file sizes that increase the speed of the rendering process. Once on the page, the ads consume even less resources. For example, instead of 10 trackers requiring their information in regular ads, HTML AMP ads collect all the data at once and distribute it to any number of affected trackers.
  • More flexible: Ads can be posted on any device, whether they refer to AMP pages or not. In any case, the result will be better. For example, AMP HTML ads with animations are paused when they don’t appear on the screen, making the user experience even better.
  • More engaging: Users cannot interact with ads that fail to display quickly. Faster ads lead to greater visibility and therefore higher click-through rates, which ultimately results in better advertising performance.
  • Safer: HTML AMP ads are verified prior to publication, an action that helps prevent the presence of malware and ensure users a safe experience that will bring up the brand name.


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