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How to write compelling content

How to write compelling content

By daniele

Although photos and videos still make a difference on many platforms, text is also a very important element to consider.

A blog of a brand, a company or a professional is based on clear and effective texts. Although it must be said, videos and images and more generally a good design contribute greatly to its success. Those who create texts must first of all know what to pay attention to and what not to forget. The first suggestion is about inspiration. We all want to show off our creativity, but sometimes it’s better to adjust. Compare these two texts that could be a call to action at the bottom of your article:

  • Download our app to not miss a magical opportunity, stay with us with a 10% discount. All you have to do is register and make a reservation within the next two weeks.
  • Download our app, register and get now 10% off your next visit to De Rossi SPA! The offer expires on April 12th.

The second text is less rich and long but makes up for it with clarity and detail.  

Before you start writing, it is better to make a program of what content you will publish and when. It is the so-called editorial plan. Planning ensures variety, which is the essential ingredient for a good blog. There are several types of articles:

  • You want to teach the reader something. What could he learn from you?
  • You want to entertain the reader. What do you prefer? What would entertain him?
  • You want to help the reader. What could you do for him or her?
  • You want to inspire the reader. What quotes or stories can you propose?

A tip: avoid useless twists of words and passive constructions, prefer active and direct verbs. Never start the text with a boring introduction or a meaningless sentence, because people will run away. Think carefully about the first sentences and try to stimulate the reader to keep reading more and more. The reader must feel involved, only this way he will be pushed to return to read more news on the blog.




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