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How to restore deleted photos on a PrestaShop site

How to restore deleted photos on a PrestaShop site

By daniele

Since prestashop made its online appearance, the number of customers it managed to engage has grown year after year. Focusing on an extreme ease of use and a wide possibility of customization, the CMS has given the possibility to the less experts of the digital field to create an own personal site in just about every industry and geographic location. Obviously the advantages of this Content Management System do not end here. In this article we will focus on the customization aspects that this platform offers us at the image level and how to solve the related problems.

Images on PrestaShopΒ 

Prestashop, as an open source CMS software, offers the possibility to customize your online shop in detail thanks to the use of plugins and extensions, both free and paid. It offers the possibility to download themes of all kinds, import your own logo on the site and set thumbnails for images to your liking. A whole series of possible customizations that aim to differentiate themselves from the mass of competitors present in each channel of the Web. A time-consuming design and customization work which, however, could be completely eliminated following the transfer of the domain or due to a simple error of the owner. Is there a way to prevent this risk? Let’s see how to do it together quickly and without having the need to start all the work over again.

How to recover lost pictures

The best solution is always to rely on Hosting that offers backup tools. This will allow you to save the previous versions of your site and restore it, going to eliminate the mistakes made. But for the images this could not be enough! In fact, there are many cases in which the thumbnails after the restoration of the site, will arise in a totally different way or may not be displayed at all. The user to restore the prestashop thumbnails will have to perform a few simple steps:

1- Once logging in to the admin panel, you will need to enter the Preferences section and select Images.

2-Β  At the bottom, you will see a subsection called Recreate Thumbnails. Once clicked, the restore will start. The duration of the operation may take some time, depending on server speed and file size. By default the process will be carried out by deleting the old Thumbnails and recreating new ones. If the user is performing for the first time the operation must keep the option active, otherwise he can uncheck the option and Prestashop will continue with the operation from where it was previously interrupted.

3- You will have to click, from the menu Select Images, the desired option according to the type of images you want to regenerate, choosing if to restore them all or just some related to specific areas of the site.

4- Once you have selected the part of the site where you want to restore the images you can click on Recreate Thumbnails to start the process, with the ability to also change image sizes and specifications in the Settings section.



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