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How to restore a WhatsApp backup in safety

How to restore a WhatsApp backup in safety

By daniele

At the moment when you decide to change your smartphone, you may need to bring back all the WhatsApp chats present on your old phone even on the new one in order not to lose important messages, photos and videos that you are particularly fond of. You might notice that at a first installation on the new device, whatsapp appears empty than usual but, in reality, it is a minor problem that can be solved quickly for both Android and iOS devices. It is all about making a prior backup of the chats on the previously used smartphone, via Google Drive or iCloud according to the system, and then in associating the same number and the same account from which the last backup is from and the conversations will appear in an instant. Following this simple procedure, which we will see in more detail in the next lines, you can have all the chats, media and groups on the new device with the certainty that the backup is done safely and away from the gaze of malicious people. But let’s see what we can do.

Back up on your old phone

The first step on the old smartphone is to activate the backup function via Drive, if it is an Android device, or via the iCloud account, in the case of Apple smartphones. In the meantime, you have to verify in the Settings that a Google or iCloud account is actually associated with your phone or mobile phone number, so that the backup can proceed smoothly. Once you have finished this verification phase you will now have to go directly into the whatsapp messaging app and tap on the three dots that are located on the top right of the screen. By selecting the Settings and then the Chat item, scrolling to the end of the screen you will have to press the words Chat Backup recognizable also by the symbol of the cloud on the left. If already set up previously, the time and date of the last backups will be displayed both locally and in the cloud, with the possibility of making an instant one by clicking on the green button Run Backup. You can choose whether to include videos in the save, which will obviously make the process slower, and whether to start a backup protected by end-to-end encryption to make sure that the data can be available to various Google or iOS or in any case to third parties. Clicking on this option will prompt you to create a password that will be used to restore the backup and that should not be forgotten can not be recovered in any way, as well as the data present in the rescue. Alternatively, you can also use a 64-digit encryption key provided directly by the app that can be saved and used for the secure backup procedure.Β 

Process on the new smartphone

In order for the transfer procedure to be successful, it is important to verify that the same phone number and especially the same account used for the backup are administered. After this you can go directly to the action within the app that once installed and configured the phone number, automatically offers the last available backup that can be downloaded by clicking on Restore and waiting for a few moments in order to get back the data held on the old device. After the restore is complete, once you have set the name and photos of your profile, you will have all the old chats and groups available, as well as the media if you have previously enabled the backup option for this content as well. Same goes for the end-to-end backup that will require the password set earlier but the result will still be the same.

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