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How to remove “Proudly Powered by WordPress” from your footer

How to remove “Proudly Powered by WordPress” from your footer

By daniele

Do you want to remove “Proudly powered by WordPress” from your website? Maybe you’re running a business and you don’t want to seem unprofessional. Maybe you want to avoid declaring the CMS used because you’re afraid of being hacked. Or maybe you are working on a customer’s website and want to remove the text and replace it with your link. Whatever the reason, we will show you all the ways to delete the text. Each theme has a customization option but can only be accessed by the administrator of a WordPress site. Just go to Appearance Customize. In customization, you will find a footer section with an option to edit or remove text.

You can change the default text “proudly powered by WordPress” and replace it with anything you want. To access this option, go to the Footer subsection and click Edit copyright. You will see a text field with the default text inside. You can remove this text completely or replace it with something else.Remember to click Publish to save the changes. Not all themes make it so easy to remove the above text. In case your current theme doesn’t come with this customization, you may have to try it through a special plug-in.

You may be wondering: is it legal to remove WordPress footer credits?

Yes, absolutely. Everyone is allowed to remove the credits link in the footer. This is because WordPress is free and is licensed under the GPL. In short, that license gives you the freedom to use, modify, and even redistribute your site. Any WordPress theme or plugin that you download from the official directory and also most commercial WordPress themes are released with the same license. So you have all the rights to do what you want with your website, including removing the credit links at the footer.



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