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How to recover Aruba webmail password

How to recover Aruba webmail password

By daniele

One of the most used and appreciated webmail services nowadays by users is definitely Aruba. It is a webmail suitable for any type of customer, from private customers to large companies and offers the possibility to access at any time and from any device, without needing any software. This way your mail will be even easier to use and manage from your tablet or mobile phone. Aruba also provides a very useful service, active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ready to solve any problems that may arise during its use. As we continue reading this article, we will find out what are the main features of Aruba and how to recover your password, in case you need it.

The main features of the Aruba webmail

  • Calendar: With this feature, you can enter appointments, events, meetings, and much more, with the ability to send reminders automatically.
  • Headings: in addition to the management of multiple headings, through the contacts menu you can create groups of recipients, a very important function especially for sending multiple messages, directly to the whole group.
  • Activities and Notes: with this feature you can monitor and update all your activities. By using the notepad, you can group all the notes, create, customize them and also have the possibility to send them by mail, print, edit or delete them.
  • Blocked and secure senders: With Aruba, you can add email addresses to blocked sender lists, for example, if you want to automatically delete messages without them being delivered, or to secure sender lists.
  • Folders and Anti Spam filter: in addition to having the possibility to create folders or subfolders, depending on your needs, you can use Antispam filters. If the Antispam filter identifies a message as spam, you can change its subject, move it directly to the Spam folder or delete it permanently.

How to recover Aruba webmail password

For the most careless users, it can happen to no longer remember the password, thus failing to log in to their webmail. Let’s see how to recover your Aruba’s password webmail. To get started, go to the official Aruba website and select the function “Reset password boxes and”. Enter your full email address, such as the [email protected]. In the next line, Aruba, will ask you to enter your Fiscal Code or VAT Number and, once you have completed all the steps, click on “Request data”. Then you will receive the password on the email address you entered at the time of your first registration, where you will see a screen “Box Data Recovery”. You will be asked for the name of the box and the tax code or VAT number. Sometimes, however, this process may not be enough to reset your password. In this case you will receive an error message, even though you have done all the steps correctly, and you will need to contact Aruba customer support to fix the problem and reset your password.

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