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How to convert a video into a blog post

How to convert a video into a blog post

By daniele

We all know that videos are the most powerful content to produce right now… but creating them takes a lot of time and energy. The most effective way to not waste those energies is simply to convert every video (or at least a good deal of it) into a blog post. Of course, you could definitely post an article and embed the video on your blog, however this alone may not bring many SEO advantages over a traditional article. The best way to maximize the SEO potential of your video is to convert speech into text for your blog article. Once edited with its adaptations, this text will act as the body of the blog post. Transcribing an entire video by yourself can be a painstaking process, but there are much more efficient ways to generate text without flapping. There comes the rescue of apps that can transcribe a video in minutes. Don’t forget the headings and formatting of the paragraphs to better package your transcribed and edited text. Google usually carefully analyzes some factors when it has to determine the quality of a blogpost to add it to its list in search results. The titles and paragraphs of your posts are an important part. Google knows that good formatting and internal links contribute to readability. Another strength of the titles is that they help search engines understand what your content is about to index it. That’s why it’s so important to include a title and various headers using H tags (H1, H2, etc.). There is no magic formula for this, you will have to sift through the transcript of the video and divide the text into sections by adding the various titles. Finally embed your video in the new blog post and β€œspam” on social media.


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