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Everything you need to know about HTML

Everything you need to know about HTML

By daniele

HTML is the language used to define the content of web pages. Basically, it is a set of tags used to define the text and other elements that will make up a web page, such as images, lists, videos, etc.

HTML was originally created for the purpose of disseminating information with text and some images. It was not thought that it would be used to create a multimedia leisure and consultation area (what the web is today), so HTML was created without responding to all the possible uses that would be given to it and to all the groups of people who would use it in the future. However, despite this poor planning, modifications have been incorporated over time, these are the HTML standards. Many standards have been introduced. HTML 4.01 is the current standard since February 2001. Updated since May 2005, the fifth version of HTML is released, and the framework is now available.

Today, many people have seen hundreds of web pages, but other similar questions will be answered below.

If you search GOOGLE or another search engine for a definition of HTML, you will find this: It is the language used to create web pages. This abbreviation stands for Hypertext Markup Language, i.e., Hypertext Markup Language

However, this kind of explanation tells us very little, because the explanation is professional. Some people reading this think that HTML includes the image of the web pages, but this is not the case, since HTML only works to show how the content of the web page is presented. It does this by means of hypertext markup which are tags.

So far, we already have an idea about what HTML does, but we still do not know how the tags work. For this we are going to imagine that you have to make an essay on some topic, we will consider that the essay will be our web page and the way in which an essay is ordered is by a title, the introduction, the development, and the conclusion, if we take into account that this tells us how our essay should go we can consider that these would be the tags because they tell us the structure it has, that is, the way in which the text is arranged in our essay. It is worth mentioning that tags are not only used to order our content, but they also help search engines like Google, Yahoo search, and many others to find information by means of tags.

Now that we understand the concept of tags, we need to be able to identify them. They are indicated by the fact that they are enclosed in lowercase letters that < and >, as in this example:

Although not all, because they must have a beginning and an end. The beginning of the title is normal, that is to say, it has the two letters I mentioned above, and inside is the name, however, there is a difference at the end of the title, because you did not write its name. tag, we must write a slash.



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