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Email marketing’s benefits

Email marketing’s benefits

By daniele

You hear a lot about the benefits of email marketing that allows companies, freelancers and creators to realize and get a preferred channel with their contacts.


There is the influencer who chooses to send an email to sponsor an event, there is the yoga teacher who shares the news about his courses, there is the company that launches the latest product on the market. 


Let’s see the main advantages of email marketing:


– Convenience: Email marketing costs are lower than other forms of marketing. There are no media advertising and promotion fees.


– The audience is really interested: It’s all based on the recipient’s consent: the marketing list will be composed of people who have actively chosen to receive email communications. Customers who are truly interested in products and/or services are more likely to interact in turn.


– The design is flexible: you can send a simple text, or a graphic, a gif, or attach files, depending on what best suits the message.


–  It is scalable: email marketing can be used to reach a large audience or smaller targeted lists.


– It is customizable and focuses on segmentation: email marketing allows you to package messages. Moreover, thanks to the segmentation the list of contacts the marketers will grow but following your market segment.


–  It is shareable: it is easy for people to forward and share email content, and this allows the brand/subject’s reputation to grow through word of mouth.

– Increase conversions and sales: an email containing a promotion allows people to click on links and immediately follow the call to action. Email marketing is effective at every stage of the purchase process. For example, it can influence someone to choose a certain product, but it also allows you to cultivate the relationship with the customer after the transaction and encourage future purchases. Example: Those who place an order for coffee capsules if they feel well and receive promotions are encouraged to retain the brand.



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