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All the ways to underline text in Microsoft Word

All the ways to underline text in Microsoft Word

By daniele

Being one of the most appreciated word processors, Word can offer a more than valid amount of functions that can lighten the load of various urgent documents to complete. The way it does this effectively is through access that combines various means to achieve the same result. Among these, it is possible to note the possibility of underlining a text in multiple ways.Let us therefore see all the ways in which it is possible to emphasize a text, with different results.

Quickly underline any point in the selected text

This is the simplest method. Just select the key you want to underline and press the CTRL+U combination. Otherwise, there is an icon in the upper left corner that is specifically made to emphasize the text in full.

Underline the text respecting the spaces

Usually Word prefers to emphasize all text, including spaces that divide words, but you can also force it to avoid spaces. To do this, you have to select the text concerned and press the right mouse button. You must therefore proceed by “character”. Within the window you can select the underline “to word” in the list.

Create a blank underline

There are those who prefer to create an empty underline. This is ideal if there is a space in a document that needs to be filled separately, perhaps in pen or with a signature. Usually many prefer to use a set of “_” symbols to create the necessary underlining, but this is not always the case. For example, you can create a table. Pass by “insert” and then by table. Create a simple table consisting of a simple row. Right click and then pass by property. Open “Borders and background” (in case you can also do it directly if it is available as an option from the right button) and set the border as custom. Delete all rows around except the one below. At the end of the operation a single line will be available and it will act as a perennial underline.

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